Games with same titles but different gameplay


there are many games which share their title but are very different games across various platforms, most of the time with a different developer behind them.

right now you can check multiple platforms in one title, but you can’t rate them separately. and you can’t list them as 2 different titles which you played through.

e.g sonic colors and sonic generations are 3d games on wii, but entirely 2d on ds / 3ds.

or prince of persia the forgotten sands, in which their is a ps3, wii, psp and ds version and each version is almost entirely a new game.


And other games like Harry Potter and the Philofosopher Stone (PS1, PS2 and GBA) or Aladdin (SNES vs Genesis) are different games developed by different studios.

I would like to rate them separately too.


Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Gamecube] and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [GBA]

It seems the system is specified if I look at my own list, but not if anyone else were to look

I’ve thought it might be cool someday–if feasible–if setting the system would change the box art to that version