Game Rec Thread!

Anyone who needs general recommendations for Group 7 #3 ‘Recommended by other user’, here’s a place to post.

I’m looking for recs for basically anything, excluding bullet hell, twin stick shooters, anything hard (like Dark Souls). I have a lot of games, so you don’t really need to look through them for your recommendation. And I seriously don’t suggest looking at my games on Steam unless you want your browser to freeze. :laughing: Oh, and PC only please, I don’t own any consoles. I much prefer indie games over AAA.

Feel free to recommend as many games as you want. The more the merrier!

I actually said “holy shit” out loud when i saw your backlog. 5100+ games, and i thought i was bad.

Ok, i spent way too much time on this list and i hope at least some of these are properly indie. Sorted by the amount of users who have this in their collection:

  • 1 The Trouble With Robots - Deck-building Tower Defense game featuring a dwarf-elf romance

  • 16 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 - JRPG that’s free on Steam and actually has witty writing

  • 94 Go Home Dinosaurs! - Tower Defense Game in which you fight dinosaurs with piano’s

  • 106 Hinterland - Mix of ARPG and City Building that let’s you build an orc or human town

  • 119 Northmark: Hour of the Wolf - Single-player CCG with RPG-elements - it’s great, just trust me

  • 172 Driftmoon - Adventure with ARPG-elements in which you finally confront the boogeyman

  • 231 Lili: Child of Geos - Adventure (kid-friendly but surprisingly fun)

  • 274 Deathtrap - Hybrid of Tower Defense and ARPG

  • 289 Paper Sorceror - First-person exploration with JRPG combat (you gather a party of horror monsters)

  • 304 SpellForce 1 - RTS/RPG hybrid that let’s you fight RTS battles from a first-person perspective

  • 461 Defender’s Quest 1 - Tower Defense RPG and the only perfect game in history

  • 473 Stick It to the Man! - Adventure game in which your brain-arm helps you escape aliens

  • 498 Primordia - Old-school adventure set in a post-human society of robots

  • 583 Betrayer - Black & white FPS with echolocation and a solid story set in the New World

  • 912 Warlock 1 - Turn-based strategy with tons of units and awesome terraforming

  • 1087 Dungeons of Dredmor - Roguelike and the only game in which you can play a Killer Vegan

  • 1606 Sanctum 2 - FPS/Tower Defense hybrid with multiple classes and drop-in multiplayer that works

  • 1663 Gunpoint - Clever puzzle-action game in a film noir setting and you can jump from buildings

  • 2371 The Swapper - The best game i’ve never seen mentioned, 2D puzzling similar to & as good as Portal

EDIT: You can’t edit posts?


If you think that’s bad, there’s still about 800ish games missing from my Steam library on here. I’m just too lazy to add them. :rofl: Most of them are likely not really worth adding, to be completely honest.

Also my played/backlog is totally inaccurate, just because of the way it imported. I have so many games I’ve never played that I have time on because I idled them for the cards. It’s safer to just assume I haven’t played any of the games in my library. :laughing: I should really fix that though, and mark the ones I’ve really played, but boy will that take awhile.

Thanks for all the recommendations! I’ve played a few of them, but added a bunch of them to my list. :grin:

I’m not sure whats going on with the editing posts thing, I’m sure it used to be doable. Will have to look into it.

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I’m also recommending The Swapper and Gunpoint! Closure is very good logical game too: only what you see exist, and darkness is a void. You have to move light sources around.
For lovers of impossible Escher geometry I recommend Antichamber & The Bridge.
Every point’n’click from Daedalic is awesome, I think my favourite one is Memoria.
For horror lovers the best choice is The Cat Lady, if you like Lovecraft I recommend Sunless Sea.
And I love plot twists like in Gods Will Be Watching or Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons .
If you need the essence of indie-ness I recommend Wuppo and Dropsy. I hate clowns but that game is great!

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If you need “horror” but you have weak nerves I want to recommend Rusty Lake series of surreal adventure games - there are 13 titles and all “Cube Escape” titles are free to play. Give it a try.
Rusty Lake games - - the order of games is from bottom to top.

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Taking your advice and not looking at your Steam list :stuck_out_tongue:
As a result, some of these titles you may have beaten already. These are some of the games I’ve already beaten that are available for PC that I’d recommend you at least check out (in no particular order):

  • Donut County - Real short and the game mechanics seem overly simple but the story is engaging. Its also very short so you can beat it in less than a day.

  • Katamari Damacy Reroll - Like Donut County but much longer. The music is infectious, the plot is silly, but there’s sheer joy in just rolling up everything in the level you can find.

  • Thimbleweed Park - A nice throwback to the classic point-and-click adventure game, particularly the LucasArts style. Funny with lots of brainteasers in there.

  • Cat Quest - Ignore its mobile roots and you’ll find a breezy but engrossing adventure ahead of you. Absolutely fell in love with this one that I’m contemplating another playthrough, something I shouldn’t really do considering my backlog and lack of time.

  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - Not very hard at all and some good puzzles thrown in there but you’ll care more about the story and treatment of Senua, a character who constantly hears voices in her head. This is certainly one of Ninja Theory’s best titles.

  • Gone Home - There’s countless pieces on this game already so it might be hard coming in cold. That said, the experience is well worth it if you haven’t already.

  • Serial Cleaner - A lite stealth game that isn’t very long. Mechanically sound but the premise of you being the one cleaning up murder sites for the mob is intriguing.

  • Limbo - A wordless puzzle platformer that’s high on atmosphere. Short but well worth experiencing.

  • Inside - See Limbo.

  • Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap - A remake of an old Sega Genesis game and a very solid adventure to boot. The real appeal comes from the art which is absolutely gorgeous and lives up to being an interactive cartoon.

If I find any more titles I’ll throw them in here. Hopefully this helps.

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Agreed on the earlier mentions of The Swapper. I really liked Closure as well, but that might have been the surrounding circumstances under which I played it. From your backlog Bastion and Transistor are also games I would recommend.

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Co-signing on almost everything Dumlaox suggested. Hellblade especially is really a must-play, in my mind.


Thanks everyone for all the reccomendations! I love the Rusty Lake games! I’ve played most of them except a couple of the newest ones on Steam. I did abandon one of the free ones, it had a slider puzzle game. I hate slider puzzles with a burning passion. I’ve heard The Cat Lady is really good, and as I am a Cat Lady myself, I’ve considered playing it. But seeing as it’s a horror game presumably with cats in it, I’m afraid sad things might happen to the cats. And I don’t want to play a game where sad things happen to cats.

@dumlaox Loved Donut County. I played Katamari ages ago, I loved it, but it made me horrifically motion sick. I really want to play it again, but I also don’t want to feel like vomiting. :laughing: I’ve been meaning to play Cat Quest for awhile, but hadn’t gotten to it yet. Gone Home was great, best house snooping simulator ever. I have their newest game, Tacoma, on my to-play list.

So many people reccing The Swapper, I admit I kind of dismissed it because I didn’t think it looked that fun, but it seems like I should give it a go.

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Don’t worry, nothing bad happens to the cats! Only to people - and most of them are Bad Guys anyway. You can cry from different reasons.

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Games not on steam (all Windows/DOS)


scorched earth by wendell hicken

blade runner

cho ren sha 68k

barkley, shut up and jam: gaiden

sid meier’s alpha centauri

madness project nexus