Game Club Podcast, Danganronpa

@headrollsoff and I are going to record a game club podcast next weekend sometime (the weekend of 8/15). The idea is to be sort of like a book club, but with video games! We are going to be playing Dangonronpa, and we’d love to hear from you!

If you want to play along and share your thoughts with us, either respond here, or send us an email at Basically we’re looking for anything you think would be a good discussion piece about the game. If you’ve already played, you’ve already done the hard part, and we’d love to hear what you thought of it!
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (2010) | Grouvee

If this goes well, we’ll try and do more of them. Hope to hear from you!


Also, the game is on sale right now on the PlayStation store if you are interested in playing too:!/en-us/games/danganronpa-trigger-happy-havoc/cid=UP1063-PCSE00261_00-DANGANRONPA1NA01?smcid=ps:nav-playstation-store


Sounds cool! How is this going to go down? Are we going to be part of the recording or do we post our opinions and you can go over them in the podcast?

Oh no…I want a Vita and this is my #1 most wanted game for it. This new Book Club thing is not helping those desires.

We’re going to go over them in the podcast for this episode. We could think about doing this with members of the community. I’m not sure how this is going to go! I forget, do you have a Vita Saturn?

I’m not saying the Vita is better than the 3DS… but I have played way more hours on the Vita, and it also has Persona 4 Golden.

The Vita is well worth the investment. There is so much stuff on there, and Sony has Flash sales on games all the time. My backlog for it just keeps piling up and up.

I do have a Vita but I’ll probably play the english patched PSP version and not the Vita version. I’ll take some screenshots for comparison.

How exciting! I adore Danganronpa (probably my 2nd favorite Vita game after the P4 Golden juggernaut, which is my favorite game of all time) and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts. I’d love to participate in the game club however I can.

Just started the second chapter. The game plays pretty slowly, having to introduce 15 characters right at the beginning is not a good way to start a game! :V But I suppose it was necessary.

So far it’s been pretty intriguing but I’m not really the point and click adventure kind of guy. I think the trial system is a little unorthodox. Whenever I know exactly how it happened I seem to find myself often fighting the system and the minigames itself just trying to paint the very obvious picture. The story this game is telling is definitely an interesting one. Part Battle Royale, part Murder Mystery. I am a big fan of the Detective Conan series so I am enjoying myself pretty well so far.

I’ve heard some things about this from other podcasters I listen to, mostly Liam from Super Best Friends. Sadly, I kinda remember the ending that was given away, so I know I’m in for ridiculousness. Also, the spoiler button is nowhere to be found on the forums! So much to say and no way to say it!

Send us an email at! Just a general thought about the game, or something you think would be interesting to talk about would be great!

Also, I 100% agree about P4. I need to replay that one of these days.

You can do spoilers on the forums, it’s just a little different than on the main site because I didn’t write the forum code! Just add [spoiler][/spoiler] around anything you want to blur out like it does on the main site.

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I am at the investigation for the 3rd chapter, and I agree with you on this point 1000%.

Yeah, I’m not really digging the trial system. Seems to me like a really convoluted way to increase the difficulty of anything is to make the cursor waggle and the solution only appear on screen for a short amount of time. Eventually you do get it even if its after 2 or 3 tries, but I find it pretty annoying.

What if, in Professor Layton or Ace Attorney, they made your cursor waggle and the correct answer only appeared on screen for a limited amount of time? Or the solution flashed around the screen and you had to tap it with the stylus? What if, instead of picking and choosing what to say to retort and cross examine, you play a rhythm game to reply to each one of your opponent’s points? Doesn’t the whole idea of that seem a little ridiculous?! XD

The game itself is still enjoyable, but I wish they didn’t include all these weird minigame mechanics. It feels like they couldnt decide on what to do and just threw everything they could into the game. Because solving a mystery isn’t enough, you gotta learn the game’s arbitrary minigames and react properly to them. I’m complaining a lot but it really isn’t that big a deal.

brb going to develop a fps where you have to solve trivia questions and riddles before you can fire anything.


I’ve never played any of the Ace Attorney games. My frame of reference for Visual Novel games is pretty limited.

I’ll save more of my thoughts for the podcast itself, but you can be sure that this will be included in the discussion. That being said, I am glad that I am not the only one that had this stick out to them. I was worried that my limited exposure to the genre was hindering the way I handled some of these game mechanics.

@headrollsoff As someone with experience with Visual Novels, I can say the minigames are not usual fare. Even Ace Attorney games are much more straightforward.

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A year ago I played up to Chapter Five of Dangan Ronpa. Then I stopped because something happened to my favorite character and it upset me. My boyfriend spoiled himself on the rest of the game and told me that, while it was my choice, I probably shouldn’t finish the game. I have depression and he knows my mental limitations, so I decided to trust him. Still, every time the game comes up, the irritation of not solving the mystery bothers me.

Dangan Ronpa is the darkest media I have ever tried to consume. Only the anime Hell Girl and A Game of Thrones have affected me in similar ways.


This concerns me. I hope it is not Asahina.

Ishimaru is a favorite of mine too, but after Oowaru commits murder he kinda goes off the deep end, sad that those two bros couldn’t have gone the distance.

Thanks for all the feedback and comments so far. Peter and I will be recording the episode tomorrow afternoon, so if you want to include your thoughts or comments (or have additional thoughts), be sure to post them here or send an email to before 5:00 PM EST tomorrow.

Still have Chapters 5 and 6 to shuffle through. Are you guys going to spoil it if I end up listening first? You honestly probably should. It would be hard not to, I imagine, and if you really want to get into the meat of discussing a game for more than 5 minutes I think it’s hard not to give anything away. I’ll probably finish it by tomorrow. I’ll be glad to hear what you guys have to say.

I don’t really care for Hagakure.

Sakura’s suicide was pretty awesome. I feel like if I were to be put in a situation like this, I’d probably do the same.

But probably after stealing a few kisses from Asahina!

But yeah, people die all the time for less honorable things.

Most people die for nothing.

I’d like to go out saving someone, but I would probably end up dying for nothing like Yusuke does at the beginning of Yu Yu Hakusho. >.>

I say it now like I am not scared but when the time comes I will probably be pretty worried.

Asahina’s decision to mislead the group in order to condemn everyone to death was kinda harsh.

Kigiri seems kinda… meh. They are trying to keep her mysterious but that doesnt work for me.

She just kinda comes off as annoying.

I mean I get that she is smart, and sometimes the situation hinders her talking.

But the whole amnesia bit is kinda cliche and ridiculous.

I heard the ending had to do with her amnesia and someone being the other’s twin.

The whole game kinda reminds me of Death Note or Detective Conan.

They could have made Togami a bit smarter, and a little more hate-able.

Fukawa’s portraits when she is in Genocider Shou mode are pretty lol :-P~~~~

In one of the Epiphany Anagrams in Chapter 2, the word is DID, for Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is not a term commonly known. I did get it, but I only knew that from watching United States of Tara like a few years ago. I’m not sure a regular person would have known it, but I guess it is short and there is not a lot of letters.

In Climax Logic mode, it is hard to determine sometimes what the pictures are really trying to illustrate. For instance, in Chapter 4 I mistook pictures of Fukawa beginning to hide in the closet, and coming out of the closet. Not super fun trying to find the right combo. Each trial is littered with examples like this.

Never before have I been so angry at a main character. When you’ve got a murder figured out, you have you painstakingly spoonfeed it to the protagonist and make sure you pick up every bit of possible clue in the entire school, sometimes there are more than 12 and they are scattered all around the room, and you don’t know which. If you don’t do this you can not proceed to the trial.

The added layer of difficulty for each of the minigames during each consecutive trial is infuriating. There is nothing that screams artificial difficulty more than this silliness. I would understand if there was a legit limitation of the design of the inputs but just waggling your cursor, making sure there are a bunch of obstacles in your line of sight as you ‘shoot’ these words, this is not ever in a million years how I ever thought I would solve a murder. The needless layers of difficulty added, and the fact that the game is literally shoving in mindless busywork tasks for you to complete drives me nuts. I much would have rather had a single type of minigame, or even just a list of options that are sentences and words. I don’t know who these minigames are for. Is anyone having any fun playing these? The unnecessary complexity (and its not even complex really, just super cumbersome) rivals that of Unlimited Saga.

Still enjoyed the game for the story it had to tell. 3.8/5