Game Club Episode 5: Bayonetta 2

December’s game for the Game Club podcast is Bayonetta 2!

For all those who have been wanting to play the game and putting it off, now is the perfect time. Have a Wii U and never thought about trying the game? Why not think again and give it a shot? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the game by posting here or sending an email to We look forward to hearing from you, and including your feedback and impressions in our episode at the end of the month.

Guys, this game is batshit crazy. If you don’t have a Wii U to play along, at least watch some Let’s Play videos or something.

Did anyone play the original?

I’ve watched my boyfriend play both Bayonetta 1 and 2 on the Wii U. I gotta agree it’s batshit crazy. But at the same time every piece of it seems well thought out.
What’s your favorite enemy to fight? And what’s the highest difficulty you’d try to play?

I beat the main game of 2 earlier this week. I plan on playing the original before we record for the podcast.

So far I haven’t played enough to know who my favorite is. I’m a wimp as a gamer, so normal is the hardest I tend to play games on. I actually started this one with the easiest setting because I just wanted to experience the spectacle without trying too hard. I’ll probably go back to some of it on the normal setting.

Well aren’t We an overachiever :smile:

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