Game Chaptered Discussion - Does that even exist?

I’m part of some book clubs that break a book into chapter parts for discussion. For instance, if there are 20 chapters in a book, they will discuss chapters 1-4, then 5-10, 11-15, and then the book as a whole. This allows for you to read at your own pace and be able to stop and digest the story instead of just focusing on it all at once.

Is there anything like that in the video game community? Obviously this would only work with linear games but I feel like it would be nice to discuss a video games’ story without having to worry about being spoiled.


So is that an actual thing? Or did you just make that up? Because yeah a chaptered message board would be awesome.

interesting idea. games are so different though in general… For thjis to work it would be best to have a community interested ins a specific type of game… (For example maybe on the bioware forum) I could see this working best in maybe a VN/animelist community.