G2A Goldmine

Hey, so I was just wondering if anyone has or is using the G2A Goldmine program, it seems intriguing. Supposedly you get money every time someone who clicks your referral link makes a purchase and they can do the same so everyone gets a reward for purchases I guess? Not sure if any of you have bought/sold on G2A before, but I have and I can honestly say I’ve never had problems with it. Anyways, feel free to click my link if you want and share your link with me. I’m really just interested in seeing how this works.

Link: https://www.g2a.com/r/ace7zar3

I’ve been informed that that’s a pretty scummy site. I’ve heard their keys don’t always work unless you pay them more and all sorts of stuff like that. Proceed at your own risk I suppose is what I’m saying.

Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about problems people have been having on there. Although I’ve been buying Steam keys off of G2A for over two years now and have never had a problem. I actually just bought a few games a couple hours ago. They seem to be cracking down on scammers and stuff, although I do appreciate your warning.

It’s not even the G2A is that unsafe for the buyer most of the time, it’s that a lot of the keys being sold are stolen keys.


I don’t use G2A, it’s pretty scummy and shady. I play a lot of indie games, and these kinds of practices hurt small game devs the most.

I’d rather purchase from legit platforms where I can trust the devs/publishers are getting their cut.

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