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first person shooters, yeah?

thread dedicated to talking about the genre itself, or about any specific games - like Doom, Duke Nukem, Dusk, etc. boomer shooters come to mind when i think of fps games (hence the games i listed as examples), but this thread isn’t exclusively about them! think like Fallout: New Vegas, Halo, etc.

can also include the shitty movies made about them (like the Postal Movie, fuck Uwe Boll btw), shows (like the Fallout show (is it any good by the by?)) - you know, shit like that.

(forgive me if there’s a thread dedicated to fps games already, and feel free to delete this!)


Fallout show is very good, easily one of the best game adaptations ever. The complaints most fans have are really dumb nitpicky things, and im a massive fan myself. Its way better than most expected. Production values are spectacular, characters are mostly well written and interesting. About its biggest mistep is maybe pacing, and explaining some stuff to new people. They throw around a few things only serious fans will know about. But id highly recommend it.


THATS AWESOME TO HEAR!!! ive been kinda hype for it since it was first teased, and im so, so happy it ended up being better than i was anticipating. ill put it on my watchlist!

i heard it takes place in the mojave, and if that’s true, is it faithful or generally done well? well, i mean, you already said it was fantastic, but i wanna hear more! [smile]


California, long after the the games. To try not to get too deep into lore, its a bit after the destruction of sandy shores, the main NCR base. This was an event previously mentioned but never fully explained how or why. The show goes into that a bit, and sets up a second season. Its pretty faithful overall. About the only thing that changes is Ghouls, but i like the change. They now have some kind of drug they can take to keep them from going feral. But they have to find or make it, so it becomes something very important to certain characters. They not only will go feral without it, but can suffer withdrawl effects which gives it some believeability as well. Its a smart addition to the lore as before it was kinda just like, “hey, i might go feral and i might not, if im lucky”. This gives a bit more of an explanation and grounded feel to them.
The rest of it feels very faithful. A couple creature designs change, and the power armor helmet works a little differently, but nothing that is so far out of the normal to affect the enjoyment of it.


YAYAYA!!! god this sounds so cool, i need to watch this ASAP…

it’s also nice that the ghouls get some development also, makes them feel more grounded, like you said. theyve always fascinated me and while i havent dove too deep into the lore they never really felt grounded, yknow? perhaps that’s just me, though, as i am somewhat new to the fallout franchise as a whole.

i am very, very excited :o)


Im a fanatic. Its one of my top series, only tied with Legend of zelda. Ive played every game multiple times. I just came off of 100 hours in 76 over like a month. Ive put at least 5k hours into 3 and Vegas. I was very pleased with the show.


JESUS CHRIST THATS A LOT … usually i end up playing games only once , i have to come back to them annually HAHHEA - just how i function, i suppose. i need variety!

i did play some fnv last year and i… sucked, to say the least. though, to be fair, i didn’t really know what to do. do you have any advice / tips for a (semi, in my case) new player? i wanna start it up again sometime


Know how you want to play. Read the skills and such carefully before picking stuff. Pick a combat style and stick to it. Do anything you can to get experience early, at least until level 15 or so. The single shot shotgun is somewhat broken early, you can nearly snipe with it. Theres alot. If you get around to it again and have specific questions just message me. Or ask on the main site, most people are pretty helpful.


thank you so, so much - ill keep this all in mind :o)!

do you recommend any side quests i should do in the beginning? besides all the tutorial stuff, that is.


Every one you can. Early on, at least until level 15 or so, do everything you feel like you can reasonably handle for xp. Like the lady in the bar in good springs needs her radio fixed. Its easy xp. Crouch and try to deactivate mines if you feel brave. Every one you do is xp. If you have a computer that opens a door, before you open it check the lockpick and try to pick it first. If you can both unlock the door and hack the computer you get xp for both. But part of the enjoyment of fallout is exploring and finding quests yourself, becoming immersed in the world. The only one id mention specifically early is that when you get to the town with the rollercoaster, find the general shop, on the right side of the casino. Inside is a robot on the table. If you repair him hes your first companion. Really helpful early.


Wow an FPS club.

  1. Watch the Doom movie it has one of the best FPS like sequences in any film that I have ever seen.
  2. My favorite FPS is Halo 2!!!

thank u so much!!! i really appreciate the advice :o)

maybe ill start playing again sooner rather than later, it’s looking too good right now…

(apologies, grouvee limited my replies for a moment!)

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  1. YAYA ill put it on my watchlist :o3 it sounds cool … looks cool too tbh!
  2. REAL REAL REAL!!! i havent played the halo games myself but theyre very nostalgic to me… me and my parents used to play against eachother when i was really young :o) i should get on that tbh
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My top 5 FPS games (as of now) are:

  1. Half-Life 2
  2. Halo 2 (played the remastered version)
  3. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  4. Battlefield 1
  5. Metro Exodus

An honorable mention would be Resistance 3!

Right now I’m playing through the COD series (from the very first game all the way to the MW II reboot) and have really been enjoying my time with them.

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I agree with you on everything but I probably would have had 4 halos in my top five list.

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I keep meaning to try Metro but I want to read the books first and my book backlog is about as big as my game backlog so…maybe I’ll never get to it, haha.

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im not a doom fan yet, but i found this Alice: Madness Returns WAD ygs might appreciate! american mcgee approved.

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