Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Is anyone picking this one up? I love me some Final Fantasy, and I know almost nothing about this game other than I heard the PSP version was pretty decent. It’s kind of a mainline game, so I’m interested in trying it out.

I really want to play that game, but I don’t have a PS4 (yet). I will be buying it as soon as I get one.

I am bummed that they didn’t put it on the Vita since it was originally a PSP game. I would be playing it right now if they had.

I have a PS4, but I’m with you on the Vita thing. I would rather play almost everything on my Vita.

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A man after my own heart :smile:

I got a copy of the psp version and played an hour or two. The battle mechanics are odd. Cards?

Waiting on getting a CFW PS3 sometime this year.
I might get a PS4 just for FFXV. That demo looks beautiful.