Filters suck

Is it just me or do the filters suck mega donkey “inappropriate word”?

I put the filter “playstation 4” in the filters and I still get all my PC games.

Apparently I also can’t edit any posts I made. Great!

You have to click “show me the games” for the filter to apply.

And you can edit posts by clicking on the pencil.

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Yes I did click “show me the games” and it still included all the games that are also available on PC as well as PS4. Even though I have selected me having them on Playstation 4 on said games, and not PC.

And there is no pencil.

Have you marked what platforms you have games on?

There are 2 different filters for platforms. There’s “Platforms on Shelf” that filters based on what platforms you’ve marked for a game, and there’s “All Platforms” that is going to show you any game that’s available for that particular platform.

I haven’t looked, but you’re probably newer on the forums which is why it doesn’t let you edit a post. I’ll have to look at the exact settings.