Feedback regarding the editing feature of games

So I’m most of the time browsing the titles from the site and I tend to fix certain things such as: uploading better boxarts, giving a much more detailed description, adding new games that are not in the database here and there but there are some of the things that I want to really know about:

1) This is more like a feedback: There are a lot of important tags that are missing and sadly there is no option to add more tags like the boxes from the Developers, Publishers, Franchise section. Important tags such as: “Horror”, “Survival”, “MMO” etc are not in here which is a drag because those are extremely popular and can redirect people to the main page.

2) I seem to check the Popular Tags for the games. Is there a way to add tags yourself?

Hi there. The majority of information on a game is pulled from GiantBomb, which includes developer, publisher and genre categories. However I’ll flag this entry for @Peter so he is aware that you’ve requested additional genres. The issue with adding genres is that we will need to manually add them to each game entry which, if done, may take a bit of time.

On the subject of tags, tags are pulled from shelf names. So if you name a shelf “Favourites” and shelve a game under Favourites, it will be tagged as such. If enough people use the same shelf name it will show up in popular tags. If there are addditional sources of tag data on Grouvee, I’m not aware of them. @peter can tell us.

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Basically what @bmo said is accurate. All genres are pulled from Giant Bomb. We added one genre to the database, Visual Novels, and you can kind of see why we don’t like doing it. List of video games, filtered by genre(s): Visual Novel, Page 1 | Grouvee There are only around 19 games tagged with that genre, and there are probably hundreds, if not thousands that really should be tagged with it. No one has the time to go find them all and add them though.

Tags are just popular shelf names like bmo said. It’s kind of a cool way to find games that are similar to a game you’re looking at by just clicking through weird tag names to see what other stuff people put under that name.

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