Feature Request: Summarize Changes made to a game

Something’s kinda bugging me in my profile view. It’s a small thing but maybe worth adjusting:

Let’s say I just finished Uncharted 4. These are the actions I’m doing on Grouvee:

  • Add shelf “Played”
  • Remove shelf “Playing”
  • Add star rating
  • Add review

On my profile it shows four entries, one for every single action. With this, my profile isn’t that sorted anymore, it just seems like unnecessary clutter to scroll over if I want to see the next game. As an example: Goodreads gives the option to open an entry, change shelves, add rating and review in one step and then save that entry. On your profile it’s just one single entry then.

Possible? Maybe you could add this to the “to do” list. :wink:



Yeah, those types of entries could definitely be compressed. Goodreads doesn’t create an “activity” for every book addition to a shelf or book removal from a shelf. Maybe we don’t need to either. I definitely want to record the data, but maybe an activity that everyone sees on their profile doesn’t need to be created. I’ll think about it a little more.

I don’t really mind the activity for adding a game to a shelf, it might be cool to see what my friends added to their shelves. If you remove that activity you also remove when someone puts a totally new game on any shelf and not just a shelf change. Maybe shelf changes could be left out. And I think that removing a game could be left out, too.

At the moment one of the problems is that every entry of those 4 pretty much looks the same, it’s just the small text above picture/rating/review that gives it away. Maybe another solution is differentiating the look of the post to include a bigger visualisation of what has been done (and make the rest that doesn’t belong to the entry per se) smaller.

Just food for thought.

User activity on the game pages is perfect as is. (I really like this recent change)
User activity on the user pages could be condensed to titles
User activity on the global feed (newsfeed) could be condensed (maybe even more) to users themselves

if we click on a user or ourselves we see two entries about two different games for saturday:
“user removed Nuclear Throne from playing, added to played, gave 5 stars and wrote a review”
"user added Firewatch to playing, and posted a status (with an image)."
sunday we see:
“user added Nuclear Throne To playing”

Individual games would be separated but activity related to titles would be compressed to one visual entry if it happens in a 24 hour window with some kind of rollover mark. the trouble with this would be status updates, since they could include pictures or youtube embeds, which would be nice to see as thumbnails or a video preview of, so i’m not sure how that could be done in the best way. Multiple picutres/links might look odd. Not sure.but I think it could be manageable, some way to split it up as the site currently is might be nice if a user wants to break those posts up for a second to see what they did or what someone else did (someone uploaded 10 dark souls pictures and a link to youtube, would make it easier to see the activity) there could be some bugs/testing to get the logic right in how it orders those entries and arranges the text. Think it would look nice and would work?

Global feed is a bit harder. Made my head hurt, could imagine several issues arising trying to condense user activity (particularly with thumbs and youtube embeds) but like yesterday when one users posts a lot the global feed gets delegated to them and looks strange. also its been an issue with spambots.

Good request btw. i’m for anything that makes user pages look a bit cleaner and more minimal but lets youtube embed and image thumbs be retained.