Feature request: Mute users

Recently I’ve kinda stopped using the homepage. Almost every time I check it, one or two users have flooded multiple pages with dozens of teeny, tiny reviews. This isn’t spam, and there’s nothing malicious, but the reviews themselves aren’t really useful to me, and they’re burying stuff from Grouvee users I’m more interested in.

I know I can use the “Friends” view, but there are three problems with that solution:

  • I hadn’t used Grouvee’s “Friends” feature very often in the past, so there are a lot of folks missing from it that I can’t easily find from the “Everyone” tab.
  • If I only view “Friends,” I won’t find new folks to follow.
  • Viewing “Friends” includes a bunch of stuff I don’t care about, like when a rating or shelf status changes. I really just want the same content as “Everyone,” status updates, comments and reviews.

Maybe a “mute” feature isn’t the right solution, as I imagine this problem will only worsen as Grouvee grows. I’m only leading with that suggestion because the issue is currently limited to just one or two very enthusiastic authors. (Plus, there have also been people in the past I wished I could have muted.)

That’s it! Thanks for listening!


I get this 100%, it seems to be when new people join, or they’re updating their lists.

I presume the ‘mute’ would work as it does in something like whatsapp, where you can set it for a certain duration, 1 day - 1 year kinda thing. I think that would help hiding the new but required bulk updates from users, without completely removing their input in the future.


Honestly, I’d be fine without a duration option. I’ve never wanted to mute someone who later posted something I would have been sorry to miss. Maybe I’m a jerk! :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I get it. I actually don’t want to go to the front page right now for the same reason. It’s definitely jumped up on my list. I’ve almost got the new front page filtering and API finished. The way I have it setup, it’ll be super easy to mute someone. I think what I would do instead of doing a duration, I would let you look at the feed with or without muted users. That way, if you want to see what you’ve been missing, you can.


Could you group series of reviews into single expandable entry? Ie if a user posts more than 2 reviews in a single day do a “user X posted Y reviews, click to expand”


Maybe have a limit of 10 reviews shown per day? Like, review 11-20 show up tomorrow and review 21-30 the day after, et cetera?

I’ve run into the same issue and I like this idea. Maybe something like a mute option that collapses the review?

Combined with grouping multiple reviews by the same person, that could really help clear up the homepage from anyone you don’t want to hear from anymore.

Not sure about muting people. Like has been said, you could miss something you’re generally interested in.

I’ve liked and commented on some of the smaller, short comments and reviews before. They’re not spam. I’m probably guilty of posting a few of them myself. Not everyone has time to write full reviews.

What should be noted is that it’s not about length. It’s about frequency. If someone posted 10-20 short reviews in quick succession it may drown out other conversation even if the person posting it has no malicious intent. Having the ability to temporarily mute a person would let you cut through that and see anything that got lost in between. Having a mute toggle would mean you can click it on and see the feed without that person’s posts, and you could just as easily click it off to return to normal. It might be best to think of it as a content filter rather than a permanent block.