Feature request: Mobile, return to place when pressing back after commenting on a post

On pc, when i scroll down the grouvee front page i can comment a post, press back on a browser and be at the same location i left off.

On my phone (android) if i try to do the same thing, scroll down, reply to a post, back button, then i am returned to the top of the front page list.

would there be a way to make it remember where i scrolled to?

As a: User who lets posts build up
I want: To reply to a comment then be able to return to where i was in the front page list
So that: I can casually scroll and comment on posts, like some kind of nutter :wink:


I’ll have to look into this. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I know it has to do with how different browsers handle their back buttons. Some of them just pull what was on the screen back out of cache and take you to exactly where you were on the screen if it’s within a certain timeframe. Some of them issue an entirely new request to the URL you were at, which would just take you to the top of a page again. I’m not 100% sure if I can do anything, but I will look at it some more.

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It looks like you did it wonderful stuff! Many thanks from here :slight_smile: