Feature Request: Custom Shelf Sort Criteria

Hey so right now in your shelves, games can be sorted based off a few criteria, including user ratings, your ratings, release date, etc. Only the categories “Your rating” and “Date Finished” can be filled in personally by users. My suggestion would be to allow users the ability to add one or more extra category sorting headers.

So for example, I like giving recommendations for games to friends, but I’d like a way to sort games based off my own criteria, like giving a game a rating of difficulty on a score of 1-5 just like user ratings. Then I could go through the games on my list, rating them how I see fit in regards to difficulty, then once I’m finished, I could sort the list from least to most difficult.

Custom shelf headers could be shelf specific, so if I had a list of horror games, I could create a rating system on those games from least to most scary. If we could add multiple custom headers it would be even better, just a little more cramped.

Pie in the sky dream, if we had these headers and could use them to filter games even further, we could get to some really specific sorting options. (Games with at least 3.0 user rating, less than 4.0 difficulty, at least 4.0 narrative rating, released after 2010, available on PS4).