Feature Request: Custom Lists

It would be cool to be able to make ‘Lists’ on Grouvee, as is possible on comparable portals, (Letterboxd, Goodreads, Untappd, etc.). I mean something different to the current Shelves or Played/Playing/Wish List/Backlog tags—or example, being able to make a thematic list with the option of ranking the entries or adding comments (e.g. ‘My Top 10 Games of 2019’). I guess it could be another menu option on user profiles…

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That would be very interesting option. I could make a list of games with cats in them :cat:

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The current shelves feature already lets you create custom ranked lists. After adding a shelf you can click the Enable sorting button when viewing the shelf to allow your own ranking. I use this feature all the time.

Comments for a game aren’t tied to a specific shelf though. I’ve wanted to add a description to shelves which doesn’t go so far as comments but might be a start.


Ah, that’s cool—good to know. Now I’m wondering if Lists would be good as a separate feature, or if integrating some kind of commenting into Shelves would be better.

I’m thinking of something that could work as a social feature, with links on games’ pages if it appears in such-and-such a list. At the moment Shelves works as more of a general tagging feature—the links on games’ pages lead to general results relating to all users’ tags, rather than individual Shelves. This is a nice feature but it’s a different thing.

(Would be good to have the option, when creating a List, to choose whether it’s a ‘personal’ list, that only the creator can edit—or a collaborative list, to which any user can contribute.)