Feature Request: Clearing page activity + Custom Shelf Order

Maybe an option to tick either individual entries or clear a whole page of user activity. today i told grouvee i was playing the wrong game. Realized my error and removed it from shelves.

Clearing a whole page would work maybe (and would probably be easier to implement) but individual ‘X’/delete ticks would be nice too because sometimes things get added to shelves in a few quirky and mistaken ways (I’m still trying to break the habit of clicking play start date first before clicking playing, doing so will send it to the ‘played’ shelf because grouvee doesnt know better) and lets face it it’s easy to click a wrong icon by mistake then unclick it again. this creates a bit of clutter (Also if people backlog things a bunch or move things in and out of custom shelves this might be a desired way to remove clutter as well) This is kinda minor and I wasnt going to mention it but today I actually went to the wrong game page and messing with shelves thinking it was another game was what brought me to mention this suggestion:
I went to this thinking it was DXMD for whatever reason. Divided? Defiance? (i dont know, doesnt matter lol)
So now grouvee has a few blips on a game that doesnt exist that i’ve never played. My OCD is flaring up :smiley:
JK… but still it seems like something to do at some point for a few of the things i mention.

So the other thing is I notice that You can’t rearrange your shelving order. There is a way to reorder a list of game titles in particular shelves (neat but i am not sure why i would do it, unles i was making some kind of top ten list)
check out what this guy did/does!
I was thinking of doing something a bit like this myself but far less shelves, It would be nice to arrange some shelves in block sets like this without resosrting to using ASCII codes like _^ ZZZ etc To keep special interest shelves (bishoujin, Vector Arcade, Pinball) away from my Amiga, Nes, etc. This guy has the right idea in doing what he is doing, unfrotunately it’s kind of messing up the tag cloud. And he’s only doing it to keep it in order.

Not sure how tricky this would be, but when i came across @derickjasper (lol hey whats up, nice shelves btw) I thought i’d mention it because the thought had occurred to me before


There is a “sticky shelves” feature that is coming which won’t give you full reordering of shelves but will allow you to pin some shelves to the top (there’s a similar feature in Goodreads). Hopefully this will be helpful for most people (wouldn’t help for the ZZZ case here but I suspect this is an outlier).

In general it would probably makes sense not to show something in “popular tags” if it’s just one user’s shelf. It probably shouldn’t be considered “popular” if only one user had that shelf even if it’s the only one for the game :slight_smile:

i dont disagree, but I kinda like it the way it is because it’s so very useful lol. I am always clicking on stuff and often go looking through peoples shelves, and i want to find the shelves that interest me.best way seems to be to find a game page of a game you really like and see what shelves people on grouvee have made for that game, chances are you’ll find stuff similiar to THAT game. (this is especially good for obscure stuff or people who archive lists of old things like old consoles etc.)

I second this! I move things in and out of different shelves a lot and would like the option to delete said activity as it clutters up my homepage with every random move I make.

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I just thought I’d post this here and see what you thought.

I no longer display the “Remove Game” activities on your profile page anymore. I think this will remove most of the clutter that you don’t like. It still records an activity that you removed it, and it will display that on the game’s page if you go to the page, but it won’t display on the profile page. I think I will still implement the delete activity (or hide) for people to remove things from their profile if they accidentally add a game to a shelf. I actually used to automatically delete activities when people removed a game from a shelf, but I didn’t like that because then I couldn’t go back and figure out when I started a game sometimes.

I also set it up so that if you remove a game from a shelf within 30 minutes of adding it, the adding the game to your shelf activity will be deleted. That seems like a reasonable default where adding a game to a shelf was probably an accident.

Anyway, I’m playing around with a few things to see if I can make the profile activities a little bit better for people to have an accurate journal of their game playing history.


That sounds smart. most users arent going to want to track seperate entries for removal from shelves. most. :slight_smile: only exception might be removing from backlog. (If one were to remove from backlog then add to played.) I only look at two things on personal page: what other people are playing (and there is a shelf for that) and what they been adding to wishlist(s) lately.

I actually didn’t know you couldn’t do that. Sounds great. I don’t look at my personal page/feed much, but it definitely would take up more space there. Could I make the suggestion of having any additional ‘remove’ activity actions that become implemented have the same icon? The remove rating X is real snazzy looking, just saying :wink:

That’s very much what I was suggesting/wanting. That alone will cover my need to delete anything i think. It’s actually better (for me anyway) than what I was originally thinking since it’s nice to know i wont have to do additional clicks too! :smiley:

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I like the changes and I agree that manually deleting or hiding activity is the way to go. That way, people can decide what they want to be viewed…

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Are you still planning to implement this feature (“delete activity (or hide) for people to remove things from their profile”), or was it already implemented in a place that I haven’t noticed?

Still planning on doing it. I haven’t looked at that part of the code in a little while, but it should be fairly easy to get it going.

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Hey Peter,

Really appreciate all the hard work you do on this website!

I just wanted to follow up and see if there’s a chance you might still be thinking about implementing this? Particularly deleting games I’ve added as ‘playing’ to my recent activity page?

Having them deleted after 30 minutes was a big help, but occasionally I’ll log a game as ‘playing’ and then decide not to keep playing it after a few days/weeks. It’s a rare occurrence, but it would be nice to have the option to clear that once I’ve removed it from my ‘playing’ shelf when I view all my activity as I like to keep it organized.

No worries either way, just thought it wouldn’t hurt to check!

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I am still planning on this! I’m going to start redesigning the game pages here shortly, and clearing activities is on the list to do! Sorry it’s taken so long.

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