Feature Request: Bookmarking other user 'Tag lists', Copying, importing

grouvee gold idea: the ability to import some of the entries of a list that another user has made into your own lists, or copy their list, or favorite their list, or otherwise track a list in a convenient way. A good example would be a list like this:


This is a pretty decent list! I’ve played some, but not all. I would perhaps wish to add these to my wishlist what isnt already in my played (so its a bit more than just adding the whole list)

occasionally i’ve come across a few lists like this and just manually favorite them in my browser (as well as some really good forum posts using that bookmark function), with the intent of going through them later at some point when i’m in the mood to play SNES. (BTW, the bookmark function is great, as is the ability to download all your post data, wow. i didnt even know about it until this week!)

Likewise, it would at least be easy and do-able to favorite/bookmark a list feature in the same way you can with a forum post, that way we can keep track of it on site and not just the browser. going further, a little more complicated would would be to copy a list of another user as your own, so multiple users have the same list, and then there is of course some way to look at what you’ve played and what is in this list and add to existing lists or new lists on some kind of ‘rules’ logic (anything not in other lists, anything not in played list, etc)

It seems that at some point there could even be more list generation and list promotion (lists showing up in other places) so this seems like a great grouvee gold feature in the long run imo. And if the site gets bigger there will of course be tons of ‘my snes favorites’ lists so might make sense to think about the import idea (just saying)

I write all of this under the presumption that a tag list and a shelf is all the same. and that the boomark thingie in the forums could somehow be tweaked to the main site (i’m not a coder) maybe one of those is doable.

And It would of course be nice to bookmark other things in a place, so you could keep track of them, reviews, status updates, etc. Liked Reviews is great when you are looking at someone’s profile, but it doesnt quite function in the same clean way as the bookmarks of the forum, and bookmarks seems perfect for what i’m describing.

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