Fan-made Games

I think some fan made games deserve a spot.

Mother : Cognitive Dissonance
Pokemon Uranium

Are good examples.

I really to try Cognitive Dissonance when I get a chance. Curious to see how they attempt to connect Giegue and Giygas.

Here’s my purposely horrendous fan-games for people that like that sort of thing: Fangames, Mods, & Custom Content – Alex Garbus

I also thought something like that once but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Sure there are good high quality fan-games but there are also even more poorly made ones, and if you only add the good ones, you also need to set up “rules” about why some don’t get added and some do, which won’t always be fair. But more importanly, there are a TON of fan-games, so they’ll clutter the database really good.