Facebook auth doesn't work anymore

I get a message that the application is in test and I can’t connect using Facebook.
I don’t have any password set up. The good thing is, on my laptop, where I’m writing right now, I’m still logged in. How do I setup a password? The current form asks for the previous one, but as I only connected using Facebook in the past, I have no previous password.

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Update: you can press ‘Forgot you password’ when trying to login and it will require your email to (re)set your password.

I won’t delete this thread as maybe we can have an update regarding the Facebook integration.

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Yeah, I had to submit an updated privacy policy to Facebook. I didn’t have a section about user data retention, and somewhere someone at Facebook noticed it. I’ve added the section, and submitted it to Facebook. Hopefully they re enable it within a day or so.

Thank you for pointing this out! Technically all I do is register a Grouvee account with some crazy long, random password and your Facebook email. So even without Facebook, you can do exactly what you said as long as you can access that email address.

Facebook login is now working again!