Extra Life 2019

Hello all,

I am a little behind in getting this posted, but I will be participating in Extra Life again this year. I have pledged to play games to help heal kids through Extra Life, and I’m embarking on a 24-hour gaming marathon! Funds will go to support the Hospital for Sick Children via SickKids and Extra Life.

Each of the members of our team have been helped by children’s hospitals like The Hospital for Sick Children, and we would now like to give back. By turning a fun pastime like playing video- and board-games into a means to raise donations, we hope to achieve that goal. If you wish to read more about why we participate in Extra Life, or wish to donate, please visit my profile page on Extra Life.

A list of games that we have planned for the night can be found
on my Extra Life 2019 Planning shelf


Extra Life update:

We’ve spent a good portion of the day so far with my brother catching up of great games like Untitled Goose Game and Ape Out. Played a bit of Killer Queen Black and got my ass handed to me a few times.

On a sad note, hackers managed to take down the Extra Life website for part of the day. How anyone gets their kicks from thwarting a charity for Children’s Hospitals is beyond me.

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