I am going to be purchasing an Evercade in the following months. The idea of a modern handheld system that is aimed at the retro gaming community is something I have wanted for a long time. I will be purchasing the $99.99 bundle that includes three games and the console. What convinced me to give it a try are the favorable reviews online and the interesting game choices that are being released. What are your thoughts on the Evercade? Do you own one? Are you getting one?

By the way, I do own a Nintendo Switch, which is far superior, but I rather play it docked even though I do play it like a handheld from time to time.

Let’s us know how it is. I’m familiar with it but have zero experience with it.

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Yes, I will do a post for sure.

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Which games do you get with the bundle? Are there different bundles or just one?

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The only thing I ever saw about this was Jeremy Parish tweeted a long time ago that the screen wasn’t very good on it, but that the game collection it had was pretty good.

I can’t remember where I heard about it, but I had heard very good things about this device:

Obviously not quite as legit as the Evercade that lets you legally buy games.

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I heard the same thing about the Evercade screen as well. That Retroid Pocket looks interesting. I’m going to look into it now that you mentioned it. Thanks!

I think there is only one bundle called premium pack. It comes with three collections which are: Atari Volume 1, Interplay Volume 1 and Dataeast Volume 1.

If we’re going to bring up retro emulation handhelds, there’s tons of them with all sorts of new models being made every year. Here’s a selection of them. It’s good to look up Youtube videos to hear people’s takes on any one device. None of them are the ultimate perfect gaming machine, but a lot of them seem pretty solid.

Of course, your mileage will definitely vary when it comes to these consoles’ actual quality. I had a GPD XD for a couple years and it was awesome, but this summer the hinge broke and the screen died on me. :frowning: A lot of people seem to be digging the RG350 or 351 right now. I personally think the RG280M would suffice for my needs (and is cheaper).

At any rate there’s loads of choices available these days. The Evercade is pretty cool though in that it’s an actual official thing, and for the most part it appears to be high quality. (And it just looks really cool.) The creators made a few decisions that seem a bit off to a lot of people though, so it’s worth checking out a couple Youtube videos on it at least – like this one:


I’m aware of handhelds that play ROMs, but I like the novelty of the Evercade. The fact that it plays licensed cartridges is a big plus. I looked at the RG280M, and it does seem like a good quality product, however; I rather purchase cartridge compilations instead of downloading ROMS. I want to start collecting video games that are not too expensive like the mini consoles that are being released and other similar products that are affordable. Thanks for the recommendations!

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