Eurogamer's new design

Any Eurogamer readers here? They’ve had a redesign and it’s only now that I’ve navigated away that I realise how much it actually hurt my eyes! And I’m not even being funny, the bright white actually hurt them.
I’ve been going there for 15 years. I hope they listen to the feedback and make some changes.
What do you guys think?

I’ve never been a big Eurogamer reader, but I don’t particularly like that design. This look:

hurts my eyes.

I honestly don’t read hardly any gaming websites anymore. Back in the day, I read Joystiq probably every couple of hours. I just miss the standard blog format they had. No one wants to do that anymore for some reason.

Depending on what mode you put the site in can improve it. I switched from mobile to portable mode and it looks better. Not as good as the old site though.

I’ve read other sites on and off over the years, but eurogamer was the one that’s always been around and been reliable. All the news on one page. That’s why it’s upset me and so many others