Error when searching "Zelda" - anyone else?

Noticed an odd issue on the main site (not forum) where if I search specifically for “zelda” or “the legend of zelda”, I get a white screen with “Server Error (500)”.

No issues searching for anything else in my experience.

Can anyone else confirm this is happening for them too? I wonder if there’s a bugged entry in the database for some Zelda game, or if it could even be something weird on my end.

Looks ok from my end, whether I search manually or click on your link:

Which browser are you using, and have you tested any others? Is it consistent across browsers?

I’ve seen the errors. This is a really weird situation where you have two “main” reviews for A Link to the Past. I’ve more been trying to figure out how that’s even possible. There’s a quick fix in the code I could do to get the search working, which I’ll do, but I also need to figure out how multiple main reviews of a game are happening. Do you think you could go to the game page for A Link to the Past and confirm that under the My Reviews section there are two reviews that say main?


Also, that fix is in and your search should work now.


Oh, interesting. I do see 2 “main reviews”. Never noticed that before.

Hmm, let me think… I think I’ve moved it back and forth between “Played” and “Playing” before. Also a game that’s been in my Grouvee collection for years but I just wrote the review this year. It’s also likely that I had a rating for it in the past that I cleared and re-set before writing my actual review. I had 1 or 2 reviews that I accidentally posted as Private earlier in the year then deleted → reposted, but I can’t remember if this was one of them.

Anyway thanks for the quick fix and explanation!