Episode 4 of the Grouvcast is live!


Discuss the craziness below!

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I didn’t know you guys had started back up again. Good to see!

Oh nice Yandere Simulator. Haven’t checked that out yet but it looks like pretty fun game actually. Look foward to listening this weekend

On the topic of the setting of Firewatch, the game is incidentally set in the same universe/world as Gone Home (and therefore also Bioshock).

(Also I’m selfishly sad that I’m not a part of this project. My internet career has imploded, though, so I suppose this is what I get.)

So I think it was in this Grouvcast that @Jess briefly mentioned that Morrowind was being remade as part of Elder Scrolls Online. On that note, the first gameplay trailer for Elder Scolls Online: Morrowind was just released:

There are also some screenshots at the bottom of this Polygon article, for those interested.

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