Enhanced Filters

Am I missing a way to filter games that I own based on features other than platform?
I’d love to be able to find games by [co op], [local co op], etc. Finding games I can play with friends, and how, and by genre would be great.

Example: My wife loves Action RPGs (Diablo 3, Dark Alliance) but not FPSs where as my Bud and I love to play all. Trying to find a game I own, and knowing if we can couch co op or not would be great.

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Platform and genre are the two filters currently. Unfortunately there is not data in the system on things like co-op, multiplayer, single player and so on. I think this is because Giant Bomb does not have that info in their database, and the Grouvee database is largely built off of Giant Bomb. It might be something that could be feasibly introduced, but the creator @Peter may need to weigh in on that. The major hurdle I see is simply the method for tagging the games in the archive. If it’s done manually it will take a decent amount of time. Probably not impossible, but involved. I can’t say for certain.

That said I love the idea. I currently visit http://www.co-optimus.com for that information, so it’s certainly something of value.

Thanks for the quick reply. I love Co Optimus, just hoping to save having to cross reference. I wonder if there’s a way to pull some of the info from Steam for some of the games?

That being said if the site allowed for tagging games from preselected options (following Co-Optimus’s lead) for tags then many hands make light work. You’d just need to make sure that people have to check the options instead of entering the tags to ensure you don’t end up with [coop], [co op], [cooperative] etc.


Asking here rather than creating a new thread. Would it be possible to implement a filter by country/region of release? I know certain games seem to have that data, but I am not sure about how the back end of the site works. I am scrolling through all games for every console I have owned to track down games my younger self got rid of, and place them on a new shelf, and would like to filter by US/NA region to save a little bit of time if it is possible.