Duplicate database entries


This seems like the right way to do it to me since you can buy the other ones standalone now. Leave the original one, and maybe change the description to indicate that it includes all the DLC.

For personal information, do they have it setup where if you bought the game before they changed this policy, you’ll still get all the future DLC free?


Yes, if you purchased the game prior to the date that the game launched on the Switch (3 March I believe), you will continue to receive all future content free.


So, Please don’t touch anything 3D seems to have a duplicate:


Also, could it be that the search engine is behaving somewhat strange for this game?

Nevermind, right after reading my own post I figured out. The game titles use different characters in “don’t”. Please don’t touch anything uses a regular apostrophe with ascii code 39 where please don’t touch anything 3d uses a ‘Right Single Quotation Mark’ with ascii code 8217.

If you look closely at the search results above, you can see that the apostrophe in please don’t touch anything is a bit thicker than the ones in 3D, it’s just pretty hard to spot due to the font size. Well, either that or I’m getting old.


Journey Escape is merged.

Apparently those Powerslave games are different games. The PC version is different from the console versions so I read.


Lovely weather is merged


Don’t touch anything is merged.

Also, that is pretty weird someone did a unicode quotation mark vs the normal one. Thanks for catching it!


Dead in Bermuda is merged!


Muppet Racemania has now 2 entries, and…
In the new entry, in the “good” one, it has lost two genres: Vehicular combat and platform. This game have battle such as Crash Team Racing or Mario Kart, but in this game battles are more important (1/3 of the game is vehicular combat).
Besides, the racing are a mix of platform with racing…

Sorry if this isn’t the right place, I’m new and I don’t speak English pretty good…


No problems. I’ll just disapprove the one you submitted as a new game. Do you think we need to add data to this entry?


Oh, that was weird. I was looking for the game here before send my request for a new game.
Well, I think it’s necessary to add “Vehicular combat” to the genres. In this game is far more important than in other games such as Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing, that already are in that category.
Watch this:

And I think that add the Platformer genre too. The gameplay is a merge of Racing and Platformer, and if there is any doubt, the game has Platformer levels, like this:

Well, that’s all. Thanks. I was looking a while for a games web like Grouvee, with a team like you :slight_smile:


Necrobarista is a cool name, and it looks cool. It is now merged!


Added the genres to the Muppets game. Thanks!


All of the Rakuen games are merged!


Space Pirates, Portal Knights (which looks cool), Space Run Galaxy, Hero Siege, and Cosmoteer are all merged!


Kingsway is merged! How is it that hardly anyone has this game on their wishlist or collection? I’ve heard several people talk about this game on podcasts, and it sounds pretty awesome!


I’m so sorry it took so long to get to these, but The Temporal Invasion, Drop Alive, Wreckfest, and Sentinels of the Multiverse are merged!


Hook is merged now! Thanks


SinaRun is now merged!


F117A is merged now!


I must have fixed The Sexy Brutale a while ago because it’s merged!