Driveclub - Grouvee club?

I just started playing Driveclub, however I don’t have a lot of friends on PSN playing it.
Are there any Grouvee members who are playing this game and want to start a Grouvee club? :smile:

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I haven’t gotten this one yet. Is it worth purchasing?

I’ve got the game but I’m finding it really hard, don’t get me wrong the game looks amazing and the new weather update OMG.
The only thing is the AI is terrible and the game is hard the further you get into it. So haven’t really been on it since. But having a grouvee club would be cool.

I think it is pretty cheap here and there, probably due to the problems at launch, but it works flawlessly now.
I’ve only played it for 2 hours and I’m not the biggest racing fan but I like it a lot. It scratches that PGR itch :smile:
I like the progression model. Each race has 3 objectives you can try to achieve (eg. beat certain times, get in the top 3, etc) which will give you stars which in turn you need to unlock new races.
I haven’t played the online/club part of it yet. I just heard a friend bought the game too so I’ll give that a spin tonight.

I haven’t had a problem with the AI myself. What makes it terrible for you?
It seems to be pretty okay. I’ve read a lot about it sticking to the ideal racing line and ploughing through you, however I haven’t noticed this myself apart from the times where I pushed my car on the racing line myself. Seems logical that you get some bumps here and there. Also found this video:

Again, only played 2 hours so far :wink:

I’ll create a club and post it here so people can join if they want to.

I’ve created a club: Rapid Iteration
We still have 4 open spots.

Not certain if there if anyone has interest in resurrecting this idea, or if the existing club is still going. Is anyone on Grouvee playing Driveclub? I’m terrible at it so far, but it’s an enjoyable driving game and I wouldn’t mind finding a group to be terrible with :wink: