Dragon Age

So…what do we all think of the new trailer?

P.S. Is it possible to embed videos in the forums?

If you put the URL of the video on its own line, it will auto embed the video.

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Ah, brilliant.

I feel a bit stupid not thinking of trying that. :sweat_smile:

So apparently Dread Wolf is going to have God of War-like combat and no control over party characters. Can’t say I’m particularly enthused about this development if it proves to be true.

Origins is still the best game in the series IMO, but each progressive entry has moved further and further away from being a “proper” RPG. It’s pretty concerning.

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I’m willing to wait to make any judgements until I play it. It’s difficult to trust the internet outrage machine when it comes to things like accurately reporting on game mechanics. After all DA II was more action based than DA: Origins but they went back to a tactical pov and team control in DA:I which was great for nightmare runs (less useful/necessary for people playing on normal). So I’ll wait and see.


Totally true. Really enjoyed DA: I. Still, I just hope the above proves to be unfounded.

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