Dolby Atmos on Xbox - worthwhile for headsets?

Has anyone who has an Xbox One or Series X|S purchased a license for Dolby Atmos spatial audio for your console? Apparently spatial audio is supported on any wired headset as long as you install and pay for Dolby Atmos, and I’m wondering if it’s worth doing. I think it’s $15 USD ($18CAD) for the license (not sure if that’s a one time cost or annual). I know only a handful of games support spatial audio so far but I’m curious if anyone has taken the plunge and whether they think it’s worthwhile

I’m using it with my Sony WH-1000XM3s w/ Xbox Series X (audio output split off from HDMI-attached bluetooth transmitter), but I haven’t used any games that support Atmos yet - will play Gears 5 soon and see). But in the meantime, I find it slightly better than Windows Sonic for watching movies - the channel separation sounds a bit better). I think there is a way to demo it for a few days before buying?

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