Do you have a gave up list?

Do you guys have games you started, but eventually give up,as you don’t like the game, and don’t want to go back to it any more? What list do you put these game in? I don’t want them to be in backlog, as I won’t go back to them. Now I use a custom list for them. But I think they are so common, Grouvee probably should have a standard list for it. What do you guys think?


There’s a decent amount of games that I’ve checked off as “passed” without being beaten, for above-mentioned reasons or they aren’t enough worth of my time. You can set your standards if you like but in Grouvee, I put them as “Played” because I’ve dug enough contents out of them, beaten or not. That applies especially to games that have little-to-no endgame (sandbox, idle/clickers etc).


I also just include them as “played” I have a separate list to track the games that I have beaten, although I do agree that a “dropped” list like they have on MyAnimeList would be helpful for further sorting and differentiating my library.


I think a “gave up” list is a great idea, and I might make one of my own. I think a “never again” list would also be good, as I’ve played some games (the Parasite Eve sequel “Third Birthday”) that, while I played the whole thing, won’t ever play it again.


Currently, Deponia is in my ‘playing’, but I really do not want to continue playing it. :confused:

For games I don’t plan to play again (completed or not), I put them in played, because that IS still what the shelf is for. So far, I haven’t felt the need to make a separate shelf for such games, but if I ever do, I will make one.

I do think a ‘retired’ list is a good idea to implement, but since it’s so easy to create your own shelves/tags, I don’t mind that it’s not a prioritized feature to add.

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I have a few I would add there. Pretty much any fighting and racing game would qualify.

Plenty. The last game I played that I didn’t like and don’t want to finish is The Evil Within. I just don’t like the Survival Horror genre.

Like others, I place them on played. I also don’t mark them as complete under dates played. Is the reason you ask for a dedicated shelf because you want to see what other people have deemed worthy of giving up on? It’s an interesting idea, but I think the beauty of custom selves is that Grouvee can meet everyone’s needs while maintaining a minimal default list for those who do not want a large list of empty shelves they don’t use. Custom lists give us the best of either option.


I just made a never play again list the other night. I could probably be more inventive but it serves its purpose. I feel guilty for only putting in a few hours into a game but such is the nature of gaming.

The only two games I’ve ever given up on are Final Fantasy 8 and Murdered Soul Suspect. I just hated them so much that I couldn’t go on. But I did try.

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I always think I should make “I gave up” list but then I think “maybe I finnish this someday” after I haven’t touched the game for over 3 years.

this was actually one of my main frustrations with grouvee starting out as i had a huge backlog and had no way to segregate, yet did not wish to delete. Since I did want to have a record in some fashion as opposed to nothing at all.

I found the ideal solution is a custom shelf called ‘Abandoned’ You can also use the star rating system to prioritize your ‘backlog’ too and wishlist in an improvised fashion. (1 star its never getting played. 5 stars its going to get played ASAP)

On the philospy of what is ‘played’ Its a gray area with older games that typically either could not be beaten since they were often ports of their quarter stealing brethren. I generally go by the logic that If i played it to a credits screen then its def played, but if I had just played the heck out of it (pac man for instance) I usually throw it into played as well. I’m not afraid to throw stuff in ‘abandoned’ lol

Also with old games that have a lot of ports I might ‘play’ one for the SNES ‘abandon’ one for the NES and ‘Skip’ the one for the Genesis using the release area. This is worthy of anyone’s consideration to mark each platform if you are a ROM collector/physical collector! or tracking what you buy or… whatever!

You can fill out your completion of a game as the second choice (played a lot) or third choice (100% completion) of a playthrough status to mark the games you really did play but didnt drop if you want to mark all as ‘played’ but that doesnt help with the sorting a shelf as well as having custom ‘skipped’ shelf and ‘abandoned’ shelf as I describe. I definitely do go and look up the stuff that I have abandoned and sometimes pull things out. Up to you. the site hasn’t done a terrible lot of feature upgrades with the play completion of your runs or overall ~approximate time of your runs. So keep that in mind if you are setting up your shelves!

I find that between just a few custom shelves and reappropriating the rating system you can track everything really effing well in the current way the site works! And quickly. (the date played is the one thing that takes the most time for me to fill out) Sorting is very powerful in grouvee! Do learn to use it!

Another interesting sub-question is: which games have you given up on multiple times? I’ve tried to play Final Fantasy XII three times, and I always give up. There is something that lures me back to it and makes me wonder that maybe I just need to give it another shot, but then I start playing it again and remember why I don’t like it. This makes me wonder if something is wrong with me (and my inability to enjoy games that say they’re JRPGs and aren’t) as opposed to the game.


I’ve got two custom shelves labelled “binned”.

Slightly harsh considering how much time and effort the developers etc put into the title. But it’s a handy way to reminded myself I tried the title, but for whatever reason, gave up on it.


As of recent memory, Just Cause 3. It was sort of a one trick pony.

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Oh , I’ve never thought about making a list for this, but I probably should. I usually try to finish anything I spend money on, but there are just times when I can’t force myself to do it. Vampyr was a recent one for me. I didn’t hate it or anything, but at a certain point I just could not work up the energy to care much about finishing it.

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I put every game i’ve tried under Played. I only complete ~25% of the games i play and i have a separate list for those.

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I mark them as “played” - I finished 95% of games. I dropped a few times because of annoying controls or boredom, but the phrase “giving up” sounds like I wasn’t able / good enough to finish them. So I’m not gonna make that label :smiley:

There are quite a few games for me, and some of them I put in backlog, some of them I just marked as played because I played as much as I could handle. That list for me is:

Bloodborne - too difficult
Skyward Sword - just awful
Dark Souls 2 - too difficult
Paper Mario TTYD - I couldn’t beat that final boss for the life of me
Overcooked - disinterested
Majora’s Mask - didn’t like it
Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - someone stole my DS with that game in it :frowning:

There are some more that I can’t think of, but I put it in backlog even though I tend to put games I play occasionally there. I should make a new folder like you did, that’s a good idea

The more I think about this, the more I believe I’ll start to add that to my custom shelves list. Not sure what name I’d give it but I know for sure that there are plenty of god awful games I have that I shouldn’t bother wasting any more time on. At the very least, it’ll make searching through the backlog easier :slight_smile: