Do you guys take part in Extra life?

Hey there, Extra life is coming up next weekend, This’ll be the… 9th year i’ve done this now, Wondering if anyone else on here takes part in it as well.

It’s a good cause, and it honestly helps me clear out a game or two from my backlog in a weekend, Really helps keep me focused in a world of no focus lol

also if anyone is interested in donating to my cause (children’s hospital of eastern ontario) send me a PM :slight_smile:

I have participated in past. We try to do it every year but sometimes we haven’t been able to organize. We also found it harder to do what we normally do (we tend to get a bunch of people together) last year during the height of the pandemic. I am toying with doing an event this year, but we are a bit behind in planning.

Do you already have a lineup of games you want to play?

last year was rough, as it was remote, and a lot harder to stay up, we have abunch of us this year, so hoepfully it goes pretty smoothly, we’re prety excited about it,

as for what i’m going to play, i have a couple nearly completefd games i’m hoping to knock out,
(resident evil 8, immortals fenyx rising, mario odyssey) after that maybe start another persona 5 royal run lol

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