Do you count your wish listed games as part of your backlog?

I’ve found that, not only do I have a lot of games that I want to play before buying new games, I have a lot of games that have been on my wish list for years. For some reason, when I buy a game I tend to buy one I have just heard of instead of a game I have wanted for years. I think adding them to a wish list makes me prioritise them less instead of more. This time I am determined that I will not only play through (most) of my backlog but when I do buy more games I will start with those on my wish list.
Does anyone else find their wish lists become part of their backlog?

I personally only put in backlog games that I own, and on wish-list, well, as the title says games I wish to buy or receive :slight_smile:


I generally move games from wish list to backlog once I buy them. I do not think wish list really factors into my backlog. They seem fairly distinct.


I treat my backlog the same as my wishlist. If I want to play a game that I do not own yet, I buy it and move it from my wishlist to my now playing shelf. If I get lured into buying a game that I don’t have time for immediately, I put it on my backlog. Also, games that I’m playing and stop playing but I feel like I haven’t played enough go on my backlog.

Rationally, I should prioritize on my backlog instead of my wishlist. But I’m stupid enough to spent money on games that I don’t have time for. And lucky enough…

I stopped treating my backlog and wishlist as a burden. I mainly use it to not forget games for when I’m ever in the position of not knowing what to play next. I wonder if that will ever happen.

I also replay a lot of games. So that also counts as a sort of backlog. Games that I want to play again.

As others have said, I separate backlog and wishlist based on whether I own a particular title. The priority for me is based on each title. For instance, I really want to stream Bendy and the Ink Machine with one of my friends, but that’s wishlisted right now because I always wait for Steam sales. As soon as I get it I’m moving it to top priority. This is opposed to, say, Superstar Saga DX, which I have wishlisted but don’t intend on picking up any time soon because I’ve already played the original.