Dates Played needs fixing!

The website (like goodreads) is EXACTLY like I wanted. THANKYOU THANKYOU for making this. I might be odd but I have had a running Excel spreadsheet of EVERY game I have played. I want to put it into your system. the trouble I have is I have played dates that are start and stop going back to 1999!!!

Grim Fandango 1-Apr-99 26-Aug-99
You need to update your system go back beyond 2014. why limit it??
Please make this change.


Tagging @peter so that he can look into it.

That said, in the interim, you can enter earlier dates if you do it manually. Instead of using the date picker, you can enter dates as text in the following format YYYY-MM-DD. If you do that the system will accept the correct date and I believe the date picker calendar will actually show the correct period of time.


OK, this is going to sound silly right now until I fix this, but if you use the date picker on the shelves page, it’s the standard built in browser picker, and it has no date limits. The stupid jquery one I used originally must limit to 10 years back or something.

So, on a shelf page with a game you want to add a playthrough, there’s a little (add) link that will popup a playthrough dialog. Use that one and you’ll be good to go right now. I’ll work on the other one!


THANK YOU! This suggestion works for me.

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