Database URL shenanigans

I’ve noticed something interesting with games that only have special symbols in their titles, and that’s the fact that their game pages won’t load at all. It seems the generated URL for any game ignores special symbols, and when a title only has special symbols then there’s nothing left at all in the URL except for the Game ID.

Any game from this list up until the ones starting with '0' and forward are good examples of this:

List of video games, Page 1 | Grouvee

I tried to mess with the URL on other games to see what the cause is, and it seems no matter what I change the text after the Game ID to, it still works and simply reverts to the original one when opening:

Normal URL
URL changed to random text

The problem arises when there is no text at all:

URL with ID only

This makes the pages of the aforementioned games unviewable, because no matter what text you add at the end it still reverts to no text at all (as it ignores the special symbols).

Probably a very niche issue, and something one would rarely run into, but still worth mentioning. The problem could probably be solved if the pages only required the numeric Game ID’s in the URL to load.

I was mucking around with some stuff today, and this was a fairly easy fix. I think I’ve got it working the way it should be now. Let me know if you see anything else weird.