CSV Export Caching

(This is mainly addressed to Peter but if anybody else knows how to help that’s welcome too :smiley:)


I am currently making a project (which I’ll probably show here at some point) using the CSV export provided by the settings page, however it’s been about 5 days where every day I click the export link and download the link sent in my emails, and there’s no difference between the new file and the old file (and I definitely added a lot of things in between).

I am using diff in my terminal so there’s definitely 0 difference in the files, so I was wondering how long does it take for the cache to bust, or is there a way to trigger it manually?

Thanks for the amazing product :grin:

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Oh interesting. That is definitely what is happening I’m sure. I’ll have to slap a timestamp or hash onto the filename to fix that. I’m not too sure what the cache timeout is set to, but I bet it’s a week plus.

Thanks for pointing that out!

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Awesome man thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s definitely “a week plus”, now at 17 days :grin:

Just dropping in to say +1 to this — as of today, I still see that I’m getting a stale file from yesterday, so it must still be serving a cached version for a long period of time. Any chance of adding a hash or timestamp to the filename, as you suggested, Peter?

Thanks so much!

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OK, I’m so sorry for the length, but this is fixed now. I’ve added timestamp data to the file to break the cache.

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