Creating a long wishlist seems tedious at the moment

It’s been years since I was keeping a wishlist on a xls file, and I wanted to start keeping it again on a website.
Most sites though don’t let you browse through their entire database, at least for one platform at a time, instead they force you to search each game by typing a part of the name, so I discarded them.
I would have made it on gamefaqs, but their lists can’t contain more than 250 titles, which is absurd. I was going to have multiple custom lists there then, but it seems custom lists aren’t visible by visitors, and I need mine to be.
I was hoping to create it here, but it seems very tedious.

I like the ability to add games with just 1 click, but my list is gonna be at least several hundreds of entries, and I would have to scroll thorugh tens of thousands of titles to find them all. And I can’t do that checking 25 of them at a time. If you could expand it to a way higher number, like 100, 250, 500 or even more it would be great. In those cases there’s no need for all the info currently displayed, I would just need a list of titles.
The search form also lacks a type of ordering I thought as obvious: by average users rating. Which is even displayed on each entry.

Thank you if you can do something.

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So in the game list, you can slap a ?num=x to show more games on the page. It’s kind of a secret because I never finished the UI to hook up to it.

So if you wanted to look at the SNES games 100 games at a time, you could filter the games by SNES, then append &num=100 to the end of the URL (List of video games, filtered by platform(s): , Page 1 | Grouvee)

I know it’s a little bit tedious, but it should get you want in terms of large lists. 500 will probably take a while FYI!

As for the search sort, you’re right, I need to improve it and give more sort options!

Oh that’s helpful, I’ll give it a try soon, thank you!
Keep up the good work, the site is coming up very nicely.

Hmm. looking at that SNES search, two ideas:

  1. The option to sort by ‘completed ascending’ so everything uncompleted is at the top could be helpful to find anything ‘missing’ find new games, arrange the ‘popular list’ to stuff i havent played (rather than stuff i have and havent played) etc. (Appeals to discoverers, and it just seems right in general to be able to do it doesnt it?)

  2. Also what about… list filters. Meaning if it is not in one list or is in more than one list we can find it? (played, wishlist, backlogged. shouldnt really be on all of them should it?)
    (appeals to OCD/Loggers)

a sort by ‘list->Other list’ ascending with a filter of ‘list->A different list’ This way only if a game is in TWO lists it will show up. Since there are only a few lists in which this would be an issue it would hunting double entries and make this multilisting problem a breeze to fix down the road when your lists get big.

sort by: list->wishlist
add filter: PC
add filter: played

Now i should only see games that are both in my wishlist and i’ve already played. I can then remove those from one or the other. easy!

Another thing is entries on the played shelf with potentially no manually entered completion date. I have at times caught myself entering games that have started playing dates, but the date finished date didnt take or i somehow didnt get it into the system.

Sort by list->played->completion date->Descending
add filter: 2016

Now I see only stuff I completed in 2016. Basically a ‘year in review’ :smiley:

Now, what i can’t really think of is how to use these to find stuff that is on the played shelf and has a started playing date, but no completion date.