First of all, I LOVE this platform, as it satisfies my gaming OCD better than any medication could dare dream to do. But one thing that I think could be optimized is how compilation sets are treated for our backlogs/rating systems.

Let’s take an easy example that everyone can relate to: Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES. If I were to mark this as “complete” or give it a rating, I would really only want to do so after completing all four games in the set–and I may want to rate SMB3 very differently than Lost Levels, for example. What would be incredibly helpful would be if there was some way to list out each game within the game so that we can track our progress and rate each game separately, without having to individually add each game that may or may not otherwise be listed for that system.

This gets really important in newer consoles especially, where you would have to check off games for systems that you may not have if you only have that game as part of a collection (eg, Secret of Mana on the Switch vs SNES).

Is this a really dumb/difficult idea or something others would like to see as well?


I used to think a similar way, but right now I prefer to add to my shelves the games I played, rather than the products I own, regardless if they are listed for the system I played them in.

The Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection comes to mind, Metal Gear 1 & 2 were never released on PS3, but I played them there, so I just leave the “Platform” bit empty. Or how there isn’t an entry for MGS 2/3 HD Edition, so I just add the games they are based on (MGS Substance/Subsistence).

A feature for ranking every game on a collection would be interesting tho, but I’d have to restructure my shelves radically lol.

Yeah I hear you. It’s just a little inconvenient because I use Grouvee both as a backlog/rating tool and as a way of keeping track of my physical collection.

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