Comics For Beginners

Great article! I hope you punched whomever said the senate hearings didn’t hurt comics, and punched them hard! What idiots!

As an aside, if anyone is interested in that period of comics history, I highly recommend the book 10 Cent Plauge by David Hajdu. It’s an exhaustive look at just how badly the industry was affected by those hearings, and Frederick Weartham, and how it very nearly was destroyed. An incredible - if sobering - read!


I’ll likely give Saga a try at some point, but not from a library, mostly because my ghost town doesn’t even have one.


Man, so sorry you don’t have a library. If you need help securing copies let me know.


Thought folks who are interested in this thread might find this article I wrote in 2018 of interest. It’s still relevant today, especially for collectors.


Also because I would call manga comcis. Here are two of my recommendations.
Initial D- Got me into manga and into car cutlure
Naruto- My first girlfriend and many anime fans found this a good manga to introduce themselves to the genre