Comic Book Hauls

Inspired by my visit to TCAF (Toronto Comics Art Festival) today, I thought I’d start a thread for comic book hauls. Appropriate for everything from convention hauls to regular old visits to your local comic book shop.


Here is my mini haul from TCAF 2024:

New Graham Annable books!

I’ve been reading Annable since he was freelance and posting things like Grickle on the web. One of my favourite artists, it was a pleasure to see him at TCAF. I learned he just moved back to Canada, so Portland’s loss is our gain :joy:

New Jason Loo books!

Every time I run into Jason Loo I end up buying everything he’s got on hand. Loo is the writer/illustrator of The Pitiful Human-Lizard, “Toronto’s Official Superhero”. He’s also worked with Chip Zdarsky on Afterlife. Last time I saw Loo was on Free Comic Book day years ago, and I bought all of the Human Lizard from him. This year at TCAF I grabbed his new series, The AllNighter that he collaborated with Zdarsky on once again. Excited to dig into it.

Books by Sunshine Gao

for the first time and ACAB are two semi-autobiographical books by Sunshine Gao. We chatted for a while and I learned that Sunshine worked for a time as a line cook in Chicago, so we briefly bonded over a love for the city and our past lives in kitchens. GAO’s books are slice-of-life stories, which are always a favourite of mine.


Heartwood is subtitled Non-binary tales of Sylvan Fantasy. I’m a huge sucker for short stories and anthology comics and I usually grab one whenever I hit up comic stores or festivals. I love the variety of storytelling and illustrative styles that anthologies offer up and Heartwood looks to be no exception.

I also picked up this year’s TCAF t-shirt for my collection :blush:


My hauls general come from cons or when I allow myself to splurge on back issues.

My latest haul was actually while in Australia visiting family; I picked up l of 2023’s and Jan-March 2024’s Aussie printed The Phantom comics (actually, most of them, I didn’t buy issues that reprinted stories I already had). 28 glorious issues! :smile:


This is my kinda thread! :smile:

May 4 was Free Comic Book Day (at least here in the US), so my brother gave me a lift to my favorite shop for back issues, which was having a 25% sale.

I bought about 30 comics, some random pick-ups from their dollar bin (which became a 75-cent bin, thanks to the sale). No group photo since they’ve already scattered themselves into bins, my reading pile and my spinner rack… but I was most excited to complete my run of Darwyn Cooke’s “Anodyne” story that kicked off a new volume of Catwoman in the early aughts:

I also can’t stop looking at this Mark Schultz cover to Topps’ Cadillacs & Dinosaurs series from the 90s. I’ve been low-key obsessed with Schultz’s work after devouring the Xenozoic Tales collection that Flesk put out a few years ago (the hardcover I have is sold out now, but the paperback is now available):

More recently…

I live in a suburb that can’t sustain a local comic book store for more than a year or two (apparently), so for the past ten years I’ve used a mail-order service for my new pickups. I don’t normally get too excited for licensed comics, but I have a mini-collection of Space Ghost comics, so I was excited to get this one in the mail yesterday:


We missed out because we were at a wedding on the 4th. I love free comic book day. We have our regular haunts like The Beguiling and The Silver Snail be we try to hit up other places too. Back when my partner was living in Chicago I used to time a trip down around free comic book day so I could hit up places like AlleyCats.


Those all look like awesome shops!!


The only LCS in my town is owned by a racist wanker, so I go to one two towns over. I’ve only been in the store once, but it was lovely. Since starting my mailing order earlier this year the guys there have been so understanding in answering all my stupid questions. It’s a smaller business, they have three stores in different towns, which is wonderful.

I really miss my old comic store back in Australia very much. I went there for 10 years. Here’s an interview with the ex-owner on YouTube which gives a good idea of what the store was like


Nice haul that you have there!!!

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Happy you still have a comic book store to go to. All my local shops have closed mostly.