Collections and Compilations

When adding collections/compilations to a shelf I usually disregard its entry and just add each game separately. But recently I run into a couple of weird cases like collections containing remakes of older games like the new crash bandicoot and spyro trilogies, and it kinda doesn’t feel “fair” adding the original versions instead of the updated ones.

Or collections containing lots of smaller games like the upcoming Cube Escape Collection (9 games, ~30min each) or the Metal Slug Anthology (7 games/ ~1h each), and adding the collection looks “neater” than adding them one by one.

Do you guys add the entire package or each game separately?

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Full-blown remakes (new Crash, Spyro, Spongebob) and especially re-imaginings (new FF7, RE2+3) are their own things IMO. For compilations, ports, and basic HD re-releases, I normally just stick with the original game entries. For example, I wouldn’t bother with the Castlevania Classics Collection, and would add Castlevania, Castlevania II, etc to my shelves individually. That way I can rate each game.

I can see adding a regular compilation to your shelf if you want to review the package as a whole (e.g. perhaps the presentation of bonus materials stands out, or perhaps the emulation is notably faulty). Or, possibly, in cases where you don’t care to play and rate every individual game (e.g. maybe one of those 100+ Atari games collections).


Yep that seems like a good way to sort my games, it feels more “correct” I guess. I don’t know why compilations and remakes are such a grey area for me. Anyways, thanks, that helped me decide how to order my games from now on

I add the compilation to my collection (using my owned shelf), but just mark each individual game as “played.” For example, I added Shenmue I & II to my Owned - Digital shelf, but I marked the individual games as “played.”

But yeah, if it’s a remake I’ll add both. Again with Shenmue as an example, I’ve got the re-releases (which are upgraded a bit) on my Owned-Digital shelf and the original Dreamcast releases on my Owned - Physical shelf.

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That’s an interesting way to do it, and I guess it depends on what you are using your collection for, owned games or just played games, or both of course. I think I’d rather stick with just/only played games, just because it’s easier lol.

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That’s fair enough. I’m using Groovee as a kind of collection DB as well :smiley:

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