Cheapest price I can get for AC Origins and FC5 by June

I am a broke university student and I am doing calculations on budget. I want to know the approximate lowest price I can get Assassins Creed: Origins (with season pass) & Far Cry 5 (without season pass) from here on until June. There will be multiple sales on the Playstation Store. Shipping isn’t an option here because we have shit mail service and shipments either arrive more than a year later or never arrive, they are just lost (for that there are other shipping companies that charge per 0.25 kg which is robbery). Anyway, how much is the price going to drop for those two games in the period between now and June, and when is the best time to buy them?

What systems do you typically play on? I see you mention PS Store, so I’m assuming PS4?

I would bet AC: Origins will be around $30 American on PC next time there’s a Steam sale. It’s $42 there right now, which isn’t too bad. It’s too bad you can’t do physical because it’ll be cheap from Amazon at several points between now and then. It’s $30 right now actually (and they’re showing a $40 PS4 digital purchase). I imagine Far Cry will follow a similar price trajectory unless it’s very poorly received, then it’ll be cheap quicker.

Where are you that shipping sucks so bad?

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It’s been my experience that Ubisoft games usually drop in price within a year. Maybe not by June but by sometime toward the end of next year I imagine we’ll see a significant price cut, or decent sales. There is a flash sale on in the NA PlayStation store right now with AC: Origins listed at 33% off. The sale applies to the regular, deluxe and gold editions and ends on 27 December at 11am EST. Not sure if that is low enough for you or if you have the same sale in your region.

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Forgot to mention it’s on the PS4. I currently live in Kuwait but the whole Middle East region suffers from bad shipping. The mail service is nearly non-existent, so in order to buy anything from USA there are shipping companies that will sell you a virtual address which you assign as your address. The shipment is delivered to them and now it’s up to them to ship it to your location. They usually charge around 30$ for the first 0.25 kg and any additional 0.5 kg is 12$ and if your items arrive in multiple packages (let’s assume each package is less than 0.25 kg), you will have to pay 30$ for each package.

I use a US account so I have the same sales. Do you think the price will lower by June or this is the best deal I could get?

Hard to say for certain. It’s always possible that by June there will be another sale but those things are hard to predict. What I can say is that I’ve bought most Ubisoft games for considerably less than that, but usually about a year after release. The PS Store tends to have a semi regular Ubisoft publisher sale. I think I’ve even seen them drop a couple times a year. The nature of sales is that they are always a gamble. You might get it for less later but you have to weigh how much you are willing to wait against the pot entail for a lower sale price.

May I ask, why is June your target purchase by date?

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I am a uni student and I don’t get a chance to catch my breath, so I don’t intend to take a summer course so I am planning ahead for those three months of relaxation. I imagine you were once a uni student and now you finally graduated or am I wrong?

Examples for some negativity:
24th and 25th of December are holiday for Christmas but:
26th we have a presentation to prepare
26th in-class assignment
28th last chance to deliver homework
29th last chance to deliver project

31st of December and 1st of January are New Years holiday but:
Finals are on 6th of January

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Lol, yup I understand that, completely. I spent the entire summer between graduating and staring my graduate studies getting caught up on PS3 games. I hadn’t played video games or owned a console in about a decade and I was given a PS3 as a collective gift from a bunch of my friends. I spent that summer just burning through amazing games I had missed out on. So I totally get wanting to take some time to relax and play games.

I would hope that there will be additional sales on AC: Origins but I really think if you want it by June you have to decide if the gamble of waiting is worth it. There could be an Ubisoft publisher sale before then, but there might not be. Maybe the following will help. In 2017 there appear to have been at least two Ubisoft publisher sales on the PS Store:

So while we can’t predict a sale, it’s feasible that there could be one before June if 2018 is anything like 2017. If you click on the links above you can see the full list of games that were on sale and their sale prices.

Update: it looks like there were other sales as well:


Thank you for this awesome research you’ve done. After looking at the data, I think that there should be a sale in 5 months. I will take my chances

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Good luck, I sincerely hope you get a sweet deal :slight_smile: