Can't sort games

I’m trying to find PC games only, but I get the error 504 (gateway timed out). Another guy on this forum had the same problem and it’s still there. I really want to get rid of console games in the main list. Help, please. (:

P. S. If I enter platform and genre at the same time, everyting’s ok. But entering a release date from/to doesn’t give this effect.

Yeah, it’s real bad right now. I thought I had made it a little better recently with some DB upgrades, but I think I’m going to have to do some optimizing in the code to make this better.

I’m sorry it isn’t working the way it should! I’m sure it’s probably something kind of dumb on my end that I’m not seeing yet.

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I’ll patiently wait. (: So do other users, I guess.
You made a great work. And Grouvee is best among other gamer lists.
Thank you very much!