Cancelled games

Is there a place to alert admins(? or whoever) to games that have been cancelled or no longer in development? This issue comes up every now and again when I’m going through indie titles. I find an interesting game only to find out it’s dead af after digging around the Internet. ;__;

Could a method for giving a game a “cancelled” tag under Game Details or a small note in the Game Description be implemented?

I know it’s been said that this site uses Giant Bomb’s directory. Would editing a game’s entry on GB to signify it’s cancelled also reflect that on Grouvee? If so, I’d be down for making a GB account and editing game wikis as I come across them.

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It’s not a bad idea. I think it’s worth indicating a cancelled status on the game page. We can bring this up with @peter to see if he wants to implement something specific like a flag on the game, but in the meantime I’m happy to add it to the description. You can post any you come across here and one of us will note the change. I changed the title of the thread and moved it under video games.

Regarding Giant Bomb, I believe a change there will affect the entry here, unless we’ve already edited the Grouvee entry. At that point the site will ignore changes from Giant Bomb.

I actually just started to reply to this by saying that Giant Bomb doesn’t have a way of indicating that a game is canceled, but I lied! They have a “concept” of a canceled game that can be tagged to any game. Grouvee doesn’t currently import the concepts from Giant Bomb, but I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now.


I changed the title of the thread and moved it under video games.

Oops, my bad. It’s my first time to make a topic so I forgot to pick a subforum. Thanks for doing that~

Didn’t make a shelf for cancelled games, so I don’t have a list of them on hand. But here’s a couple of the ones I found recently.

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No worries. I just wanted people to see it easily.

I have marked both of those as cancelled. If you come across more just post them here. And thanks for the heads up.

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Not sure Laura Shigihara is still working on Melolune. Doesn’t seem like it :frowning:

Game as good as dead? Developers gone quiet, Steam version still in early access, no updates in over a year.

C-Wars is not “cancelled”, you can buy and play it, despite it is called “unfinished”. Do “finished games” exist? A lot of officially released games are not playable on first day, and I’m not going to pre-order ever again.

I don’t think early access = “unfinished” “alpha version”. It’s just promise from devs, that they will improve the weaknesses of their game. Sometimes they don’t :confounded:

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Thanks for that. I won’t mark is as cancelled.

Fez 2.
Because of 1 twitter comment.

I don’t belive it was beacuse of a few negative comments. He was probably tired of the game industry and wanted to leave it (“Going out with a bang”).