Can you sort and/or filter search results? If not, would love that feature!

I often want to sort search results by release date such as when searching games series that have multiple titles like Fire Emblem, Neptunia, Call of Duty, etc.

I also often want to see which games are available for a specific platform like the Nintendo Switch or PC.

Having UI to support those features would be great! Or maybe even some kind of search command like “Fire Emblem $platform=Switch”

You can do these things on the all games page for the most part.

If you’re on a phone, the filtering controls are all at the bottom of the page because I wrote the code for that page a really long time ago and it’s not the most user friendly thing in the world. I want to redo that page eventually where it’s similar to the new shelf page look and all of those filtering controls are at the top of the page and can be shown with a button press.

I see, but after I sort all games by release date I can’t do a search to show on Fire Emblem games or something like that right?

thanks, that’s probably as close as it gets

Were you looking for something different than what @GlitchtheGameGremlin posted? The biggest issue with this method is the data itself. If the franchise, platform, or date isn’t tagged right, this won’t work. However, assuming it’s all tagged correctly, I think this is the best way to do this.

I want to add more filtering options to the games list in the future, and I want to add the ability to filter name searches. That might be what you’re looking for. If you were to type Fire Emblem into the search box, then filter those even further with similar filtering tools like you get on the all games page. Is that kind of what you mean?