Bulletstorm, I need something similar

Hey all. I’m looking for PS3 games similar to Bulletstorm. Preferably PS3 but suggestions for the PS2 are also welcome! :slight_smile:

Can you describe some of the aspects you most enjoy about Bulletstorm? What is it about the game that you like, and what do you want from a similar game?

I like that it’s so over-the-top and I think it isn’t really a difficult game to beat. I also like the weapons in this game and the whole pace. I also see it as a plus that it’s not an open world game, and that you just have to follow some certain 1-way path to get further. Even though it is easy, I never really got bored. Sometimes that’s just exactly what I want, an easy brutal shooter. I just watched some game-trailers on youtube and Borderlands 2 looks similar. I never played any of these Borderland games, but that might be what I’m looking for…

Boarderlands was what first came to my mind. The series may be a bit more open world than you are looking for, but I think it may be suitable in every other way.

I think the best fit is likely the new Doom, followed closely by Wolfenstein: The New Order. Doom meets all your criteria, except platform since it is not on PS3. It is linear, absolutely over the top and brutal. It fits the model of an old-school FPS, fast paced and excessive. Wolfenstein has more narrative than Doom, but also has a linear campaign and some great over the top moments. The plus side to Wolfenstein is that there is a PS3 version available.

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Is Serious Sam 3 on PlayStation ?

Thanks for the suggestions. I finished Doom a few months ago and that game is great. I was actually in the middle of Wolfenstein last week but then my PS3 broke down (it’s being repaired and most likely I have it back tomorrow). Those 2 games are exactly my favorite type of games!

I never heard of Serious Sam 3, I’ll check that title out in a minute

Serious Sam is a good recommendation, one I hadn’t thought of. Serious Sam 3: BFE is available on PS3.

Borderlands 2 is pretty open but it is TRULY MINDLESS… XD However, I wouldnt exactly say it is easy or hard, it tends to be level based, and it takes time. Really is a fun game though, and worth every penny as it offers pretty good mileage. Wolfenstein The New Order was worthwhile too, but for me was pretty much a one shot experience. “but hey it’s Id”

I played the first Serious Sam game the other month and while awful dated it seems like a promising series. The newer stuff in the Shadow Warrior series also looks cool. Not sure how many ‘puzzles’ the Serious Sam Series has… (the first one had a few and they were at times a bit annoying, despite well designed.) take a look at Serious Sam BFE and Shadow Warrior (reboot) they are both on my near future playlist for FPS games. Another good one was the Syndicate (2012 Reboot). I must say, i was pleased with that one, and i was expecting it to be kinda bad.

Anyone a fan of sniper elite series? One thing i need to pick up again that really hit sweet spot for me (as a FPS) was Nazi Zombie Army Trilogy. Not sure how to describe it, but it’s a def over the top and quite fun and fast paced. It has like no puzzles, very general maps (you are basically sniping a bit but sometimes move to next areas I guess) There’s obsses and there are kill streaks an multipliers like teh bro shootaz have. it’s mostly just gratifiying to see the bullets fly to targets max payne/chase cam style with bolts of satanic lightning in the background over and over again. It’s something different. It’s worth looking at if you like visual over the top stuff, sniping and visual elements. I was saving it with the intent of playing it in VR someday as it seems like perfect FPS game for it. The game gets a bit more challenging and you have to be careful and master the art of sniping a bit than say something hypnotic and repeitive like Unreal Tournament 99 or E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy but it has a similar feel to stuff like that or 40K Deathwing even in a sense. I tend to like these kinds of games (or even stuff like Tower of Guns)

wonder if sniper ghost warrior 3 is any good, it looks interesting. Haven’;t played strafe yet. Doubt it’s as brutal as the trailers might suggest, the weapon concepts in it on youtube looked pretty cool though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tend to think that Binary Domain has a similar vibe to Bulletstorm. Is not as “macho” and doesn’t have a variety of weapons, but it has a similar sense of humor (without the swearing) and a lot of satisfying shooting.

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I just started that game yesterday, I like this game a lot