BoxArt / Game Cover

Hello guys, I’m new here and just checking if it’s possible to change the boxart when added to my list, for example all arts from game boy having the same style.

Thanks all!

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I don’t think so because i believe the cover art is taken from igdb.

I think cover art is usually taken from the official box art or Steam (at least when I do it) , and is static for whichever release you’re shelving. Example: Final Fantasy Tactics (video game) releases | Grouvee

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You cannot change the box art, but if a specific release of a game has different box art you can add that release to your shelf instead of adding the default entry. If a game has different releases you’ll see a link on the main database entry:

Screenshot 2024-03-05 140240

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That is one of the coolest features that grouvee has.