Best TPS in your opinion?

What is the best TPS on the PS3 in your opinion?

Hmm, that is a pretty broad question.

I guess Uncharted 2 would be my choice, although I probably don’t have a large enough sample size to make a fully educated guess.

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Gotta go Red Dead Redemption on this one!


Red Dead is a good answer. For me it will always be Mass Effect with II and III having the best TPS experience. I won’t lie, part of it involves more than simply the shooting but my mind always and immediately goes to ME when I’m thinking about TPS games I enjoy.

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Great titles. I have these games as well but never played them, and I just finished a game so I might start with Mass Effect

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A fair warning, the first ME is clunky as a shooter. They really improved the mechanics in ME2. I would almost recommend starting with ME2 and ME3 and then going back to ME to fill in the gaps. I say that with two caveats: ME is perhaps my favourite game in the series and crucial actions in the first game have an impact on events in the second and third. It is a bit of a gamble. Some people find the mechanics in ME outputting enough to derail them from enjoying the first game as much as the second or third.

I know that has probably added a mess of confusion toward your decision on the next game to play. Enjoy!

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Good to know, thanks, I will keep that in mind. I might play Red Dead Redemption first!

Phenomenal game. Doubly so if you enjoy westerns.