Best retrostyled games and remakes

I’ve been playing Downwell. It’s great and perfect. What are some other games like it? It reminds me of blaster master.

Well you just made me want to play Downwell, lol.

While there are a few decent retro style games out I have to say that Shovel Knight is by far my favourite. I highly recommend it.

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one video reviewer described shovel knight as ‘the reason we love games’ i have it but havent played it yet. but it looks fantastic. everyone has good things to say about it. I want to do a review for downwell and describe all the stuff i like about it but i cant get past the first level of world 2-1. downwell is 66% off a 3.00 price for like 1.00 on steam (But steam is down) it’s worth it, the only bad thing is it didnt work with my gamepad out of the box and i had to hack it a bit to get it working by unzipping the exe and running xbox360 controller emulator (x360ce) in the folder with it.

Wild Guns Reloaded is a nice remake of the old Super Nintendo game for PS4. In this category it’s a number one to me.

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Another great game done in retro style I want to recommend is Slain: Back from Hell - dark fantasy themed 2D slasher\platformer with heavy metal influence and tough gameplay. You will die thousand times before you will beat this one.

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