Approving Games on database

I submitted 3 dlcs to the database but only one of them was approved and 2 weeks passed since then and the other two were not approved yet, and I don’t know if it was because there was something with the entries or if they were simply overlooked.

Here they are:

Also, I would like to know if it’s okay to add Leslie Benzie’s everywhere to the database:

Even if this game never gets released.

And sorry if this wasn’t the right place, first time posting here.

Grouvee’s official stance on DLC is that it doesn’t get an entry unless it’s standalone content. If you see DLC with an entry, that was Giant Bomb’s doing and not ours. Someday we’ll get around to doing up our own database and have plans for how DLC will be added there.

And yes, it’s okay to add games that aren’t released yet. :slight_smile:


Cool, in this case, can I still keep those entries on my list even if they are not approved or will they eventually be deleted?

Yeah it’s fine. I’ve actually added the capability to have DLC into the database. There’s nowhere on the form to indicate that it’s DLC, and what game it’s for, so I have to go into the backend and edit that stuff when I approve the game. I’m mostly just really slow at getting things approved. I will get yours fixed up here pretty soon, but don’t worry about them getting deleted.


Okay, thank you, really good to know!

I am looking forward for that. Being able to add DLCs in a different way than now seems like a great thing to look into for the near future. I’m sure it would be beneficial for all the users.