Approve it, please

Approve it, please.

Wrong developer, wrong publisher, wrong franchise, incomplete platform list and an overlong description.

I’m not sure if we even need an entry for this kind of DLC.

But two other additions of this type are posts. I would also like to add this one to my library. If your please.


Sorry for my english. It’s a Google translator :smiley:

I went in and cleaned it up a little bit. I take forever getting around to approving things. I’m actually working on Grouvee a whole lot in my free time right now, but I’ve put some of the database work like this on the back burner. You can always use these unapproved games on your shelves though. It’s in the database like a normal game is, it just doesn’t have an approved flag set in the database. The worst thing that can happen is we disapprove the game. That almost never happens though.


Ooops, little bug :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much for your approval this DLC. I have used many video game databases and this is the best one :+1: